Monday, December 29, 2008

Alkaline Water Tests

Thought you might enjoy watching a very interesting video. Enjoy!

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Alkaline Water Tests

This video shows experiments regarding alkalized water and newly born chickens. The mortality rate of chickens drinking mineralized alkaline water was only 1/8 of the chickens which drank ordinary ground water. You will see the results of other tests for diabetes, cholesterol, etc.

"Mineral alkalized water is indeed
the key to a healthier lifesyle."

Original Japanese soundtrack with English captions

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Your Skin's Natural Acid Mantle

Your skin has a natural acid mantle. As reported in Dermatology 1995; 191: 276-280, in 1892, Heuss proposed that the entire body surface is acidic. It was found that the skin’s natural acid mantle is 5.5 pH.

In 1952 Dr. med. Heinz Maurer, discovered at the Dermatological Clinic of the University of Bonn, that the skin's slightly acidic surface protects against injurious environment influences, dehydration, germs, bacteria, etc., with its protective acid mantle. Likewise, Laura Stokowski, RN, in the article Neo-Natal Skin: Back to Nature, stated that this acid mantle is "beneficial for anti-microbial defense by inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria."

However, Dr. H.C. Korting of Munich, Germany, as mentioned in Clinics in Dermatology 1996; 14: 23-27, among other experts, found, that many of the skin care products we use and that we use on our children are much too alkaline for good skin health.

Through an electrolysis process using a 40 year-old Japanese technology, 5.5 pH acidic water can be produced at home. This pH water leaves hair soft and manageable without conditioners, tones the skin and tightens pores, and encourages good skin health naturally.

Commenting on acidic water, Dr. Kokichi Hanaoka, visiting Professor, Texas University School of Medicine, Health Science Center, stated, “Low pH acidic water is considered to play an important role in maintaining healthy skin. For example, improving the ‘barrier function’ of the skin by means of astriction allows us to expect healthier skin conditions. More academic research in the field of dermatology will hopefully be conducted in the future.”

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